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tHiss, Rosenberg 

P%O l fP,J? mised 

Vi united i'ress 

'.The Justice Department an- 
nounced yesterday it has de- 
cided .to make public soon “as 
much information as possible’ 
in the spy cases involving Al- 
ger Hiss and Julius and Ethel 

-Deputy Attorney General 
Harold K. Tyler Jr. said infor- 
mation being sought in the 
two cases by attorneys, for 
Hiss, and the two sons of the 
Rosenbergs would be released 
“in : the near future” in keep- 
ing-with the Freedom of Infor- 
mation Act’s provisions. 

The announcement repre- 
sented a major breakthrough 
for 5 Hiss, who has been seeking 
toi’prove himself innocent of 
his-'ipurjury conviction for 
denying he tuimed over govern- 
ment secrets to the Commu- 
nistsiThe two sons of the Ro- 
senbergs are also seeking to 
reopen the case in which their 
parents were convicted on spy 
charges and executed. 

Tyler said the papers should 
be released and is confident 
they will show that the . rights 

nf-t’hrvc/a ■. 

*ress International 

of-those involved were upheld ! ^ S * ify the with} 
throughout. °* these records. 1 

[processes as they were earn* 
out in these cases.” 
Authorized by Attorn* 
General Edward H. Levi I 
make all final decisions o 
freedom of information ma 
ters, Tyler said he advised di 
partmental personnel that e- 
emptions in the act were to b 
invoked in the Hiss and R ( 
senberg cases “only if there i 
a compelling reason to do so.” 
For instance, a record ma’ 
be withheld if it is properl 
classified and cannot be classi 
fied or modified in some wa3 
to make it appropriate for re 
lease, ’ Tyler said in a state 
ment. “Other compelling rea' 
sons for non-disclosure in- 
clude substantial threats to 
the usefulness or safety of a 
past or present informant, or 
to an individual’s right to pri- 

Tyler said, “Those involved 
m the criminal conduct in the 
two cases, as well as the prin- 
cipal witnesses, have no gen- 
eral privacy interest in 
subject matter sufficient 
justify the withholding of a 


; “I expect that a substantial win t adde !! °} at “ an excepti 
portion of the records eon- made for material, ii made available L°? an or 

, -- Ct V dill 

to the public in the near fu- 
ture” Tyler said. 

“public examination of 
these records will demonstrate 
beyond reasonable doubt the 
integrity of the investigative 
prosecutorial and judicial 

, -luimiaic UI pe 

sonal nature wholly unrelate 
to the subject matter of tt 
cases. Records pertaining i 
other persons involved i 
these cases are to be consic 
ered very carefully before b* 
mg withheld on privac